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Services offered

Types of Services

  • Servicing of cars / trucks / busses / tractors

  • Minor Services

  • Major Services

  • Automotive Engineering trucks / busses / tractors

  • Cylinder head overhauling

  • Pressure testing

  • Line boring of cylinder heads and blocks

  • Re-sleeving of blocks

  • Skimming (dekking) blocks

  • Reboring blocks

  • Honing blocks

  • Fitting blocks

  • Resizing conrods

  • Small end bushes

  • Crankshaft grinding

  • Crack test

  • Straightening

  • Assembling of engine and dyno testing

  • Turbo repairs new and old

  • Removing and replacing of engines

  • COF and COR

  • Cancelling of engine lights

  • Resetting services

  • Diagnostics


  • Successfully manage and administer a stable and effective multi-skilled workforce.

  • Increase productivity by training people, thereby developing and upgrading their skills.

  • To serve the customers and local community and big companies

Company Goals

  • To provide a quality of services and product is of paramount importance to our company. It is our belief that the satisfaction of our customers is a measure of our own success. We will comply with a high level of confidence that products supplied will comply with an agreed specification and will be delivered on time.

  • Provide products and service of the highest quality in order to retain and improve our market share in the local community.

  • Provide an organisation in which all our employees can participate and become better established and trained with a sense of satisfaction, accomplishment and pride.

  • MARKETING STRATEGIES Service is of utmost importance to us. We pride ourselves on quality of workmanship, service efficiency and speed performance reaction.

  • We see as our next challenge, the meeting of these market-driven demands due to selective product diversification, in order to maintain the highest quality imperative to CAR CARE CENTRE.

  • CAR CARE CENTRE AUTO MOTIVE ENGINEERING uses the latest technology, equipment and trained personnel in the rebuilding of engines in order to guarantee customer satisfaction. With our highly motivated staff contributing to our objectives, potential losses.

Our Guarantee

CCC Auto Engineering is committed to service excellence and high quality, genuine parts Since 1990.

Buying and Costing

We have people with vast experience in the field, always truing to buy at the most cost-effective prices to enable us to sell at the best prices possible.

Further Information

All our staff complies with the safety protocols required by the major companies in and around Empangeni and RIchards Bay. Should you require any further information, please don't hesitate to contact me.


Douw de Klerk

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